Yom HaShoah

Yom hashoah day

Will You Be My Witness?

A Yom HaShoah Experiential Commemoration for Ages 10-110

Sunday May 5, 1:00-3:00 PM at Temple Beth Am​

Come to connect, interact, and engage with stories from our community and beyond about the Shoah to become witnesses for our future.

We will have programming across the Beth Am campus to learn through all different modalities: art, listening, sharing, etc. The afternoon is designed to explore and strengthen our own Jewish identity, at any age, through engaging with our history. 

Will You Be My Witness – Schedule

1:00-3:00 PM (all activities are appropriate for ages 10-110 and the art activity is appropriate for younger kids as well):

Dorff-Nelson Chapel – Bearing Witness to our Friends and Legacy of our Families

TBA Clergy and leaders will engage members of our community in sharing their family’s Holocaust story. This footage will be recorded, and saved in our own Beth Am community archives as a way of holding on to generational history and knowledge. People can come in and listen to the stories to bear witness in-person and support their friends in their sharing. (If you have a story you want to share, please email Rabbi Schatz)

Hersch Hall – Building Hope and Love

Here we will focus on building our Jewish identity and the future of our Jewish people. You will step into this room and see two activities, one to share and one to take home. We will be creating a large Jewish star mosaic that you can stop in and share a piece of your artistic ability and flavor. There will also be 2 tables where you can decorate a butterfly, as the unique, delicate and beautiful symbol of hope and resilience with your own statement of kindness and sharing “I am unique…”

Chermisqui Hall – Listen in to Stories of Heroism From all Over the Globe

Take a seat, plug in a headphone and listen to a story, shared by a grandchild or child, of their family’s Holocaust experience. Bring your own headphones, if you’d like, and spend as much time clicking on as many stories as you hope to hear. They are sharing their ancestor’s stories because now it is their legacy. Be part of passing that along by listening and witnessing! 

No RSVP necessary for the afternoon event

JLC families, click here to RSVP for a picnic lunch following JLC, leading into this family-friendly experience (ages 10+)

Witnessing & Resilience

A Yom HaShoah Evening

Sunday May 5, 7:00 – 9:00 PM at Temple Beth Am

Hear from the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors who are part of L.A. based nonprofit, If You Heard What I Heard. This is the last generation to ever hear survivor stories firsthand, and we’re bringing together a few of this nonprofit’s interviewees from across the L.A. Jewish community to share their grandparents’ stories, and the important lessons and takeaways for all of us today. 

Speakers: Aaron Aftergood, Simonette Lowy Grifka, Emily Kane Miller, Dr. Melissa Wasserman, Carolyn Siegel

If You Heard What I Heard is an L.A. based nonprofit dedicated to documenting the stories of grandchildren of Holocaust survivors in order to humanize history and make it relatable for today’s generation.

Evening Event Attendees must RSVP:

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