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Daily Minyan

Morning: ZOOM HERE
7:30 AM Weekday Mornings | 8:00 AM Sundays & Federal Holidays | 7:15 AM Rosh Hodesh & Holidays
To attend in person (limited space in Ganzberg Sanctuary) email rschatz@tbala.org

Evening:  ZOOM HERE 
7:00 PM Sun-Thurs

Shabbat Services

Friday, May 7
TBA Family Shabbaton:
5:30 PM Zoom into Shabbat - for ECC-K families with Moreh Dale, Rabbi Matt, & Rabbi Schatz
6:00 PM Teen Shabbat on Ziering Family Field

6:15 PM Neshama Minyan in Ganzberg Sanctuary Zoom
To attend  in person (limited space) email sgoldman@tbala.org

Saturday, May 8
9:15 AM Meditation Plus
9:20 AM Mishnah Study
9:30 AM Sanctuary Services with Rabbis Kligfeld & Schatz Zoom or YouTube 
To attend  in person (limited space) email sgoldman@tbala.org

9:30 AM Library Minyan Service with Torah Club on the Roof (no Zoom/Livestream)

10:30 AM Shabbaton Service for Families with 1st-3rd Graders on Ziering Family Field Led by Rabbi Matt and Rabbi Schatz Register here to attend in person (no Zoom/Livestream)

7:30 PM Minha/Learning/Ma'ariv Zoom or YouTube
8:00 PM Shabbaton Havdallah for Families (4th-6th grade) on Ziering Family Field Register here to attend in person