Welcome - ברוכים הבאים Temple Beth Am celebrates traditional and innovative Judaism and inspires lifelong learning in a warm, embracing community.

Programming Full Calendar

Services This Month Full Schedule

Daily Minyan

7:30 AM Weekdays: in person (vaccinated only) and on Zoom 
(8:00 AM on Federal Holidays)

8:00 AM Sundays on Zoom only
7:15 AM Rosh Hodesh & Holidays: in person (vaccinated only) and on Zoom

5:45 PM Sun-Thurs ZOOM only 

Shabbat Services

Friday, October 22
6:00 PM Neshama Minyan on Ziering Family Field and on Zoom

Saturday, October 23
9:00 AM Mishnah Study
9:15 AM Meditation Plus
9:15 AM Adult B'nei Mitzvah of Victor and Trudi Green including D'rash by Rabbi Kligfeld: Torah Through The Handmaid's Tale (around 11:30 AM) on Ziering Family Field and on Zoom or YouTube

9:30 AM Beiteinu led by Rabbi Schatz on Ganzberg Roof and on Zoom or YouTube - Beiteinu will join everyone on Ziering Family Field for Rabbi Kligfeld's d'rash at 11:30 AM

9:45 AM Library Minyan services on Corning 8
10:00 AM Shabbat Sandbox - drop-off child care for ages 3-10

5:15 PM Minha, Ma'ariv, Seudah Shlisheet (Third meal), and Learning/Poetry with TBA Rabbinic Resident Julia Knobloch on Ziering Family Field and on Zoom or YouTube

Everyone MUST provide proof of vaccination. Masking is required. Register your vaccination card in advance HERE, or present it upon arrival. 

We welcome everyone to our outdoor Services. Masking is optional for those who are fully vaccinated, and mandatory for those who are unvaccinated (including children under age 12)