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Congregation Agudath Israel & Temple Beth Am Israel Mission Trip 2024

Each day, 2-3 volunteers will write up some reflections and share some pictures of our mission. Having all arrived safely in Israel, I (Rabbi Lucas) offered a kavanah (intention) for our first day – gratitude. We are all grateful for the support of our family and friends, for our health to be able to travel and participate in this mission, for the blessing of Israel. After meeting Dani, Nir, and Gilad, the notion of gratitude took on a whole new meaning. They are leaders of an organization called barefoot farmers which employs a natural setting and a variety of therapeutic approaches including work with horses to address PTSD and other forms of trauma in combat veterans and those affected by the events of October 7. I left feeling grateful for their courage in addressing issues of trauma with vulnerability and openness. I also left mindful of the many sacrifices that soldiers make to their wellness – some physical, others emotional – in their efforts to keep us safe. We owe them our support and gratitude.

We Are All Connected: A Story Collection

This story collection is designed to deepen our connections with each other by sharing the stories of our loved ones currently in Israel.

Kibbutz Nahal Oz

THANK YOU for helping us share love, resources, and commitment through support for Israel and specifically this Kibbutz that has found home with Beth Am through their most troubling of times. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Nahal Oz when visiting Israel and through technology from a distance!

Ways to Support Israel

Continuing Projects


This mailbox (located at Cafe TBA) is ready to receive your letters for soldiers serving in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The contents will be delivered on a rolling basis. Anyone is welcome to contribute.

World Zionist Organization: MY HOME IS YOUR HOME

One of the most important and expensive challenges is finding housing for the residents of the communities surrounding Gaza and the North, who overnight became refugees in their country. The State of Israel has evacuated most of the residents to hotels, but this is a very expensive and unsuitable solution for a family for more than a few days.


Earlier this week we inaugurated the TBA Call Center at the TBA Cafe in our lobby. Many of you have come in and made calls to Members of Congress to relay your gratitude and express your views. It is critical that we keep this effort up on a daily basis. Some have asked for ways of doing this from home, rather than from our campus. Here are two ways in which you can make calls from home.


Here is a call sheet with instructions and contact information for the President and a list of Members of Congress – For each, a small list of talking points is provided. Either scan the QR code from your mobile phone, or type in the phone number to connect with the respective office, and leave your message.


AIPAC’s Congressional Call Center – AIPAC has put together an easy-to-use website to find the phone number of your Member of Congress, as well as others. Click below and start by entering your zip code and click “Find My Members”. On the next page, under “Have an extra minute”, click “List another member” to get contact information for additional Members of Congress you can call. 

Words from Our Rabbis

Israel at War: Rabbi Kligfeld’s Remarks
Saturday, October 8, 2023

A reminder that much has unfolded since these remarks. Please keep that in mind when you watch or listen.

Reflections on My Trip to Israel
Saturday, December  2, 2023

Shabbat Sermon by Rabbi Adam Kligfeld

HaTikvah Sheli
Saturday, October 14, 2023

Sermon by Rabbi Rebecca Schatz

Close to Home
Saturday, December 16, 2023

Sermon by Rabbi Rebecca Schatz

Rabbi Schatz’s Reflections from her trip to Israel