Shavuot – Copy

Shavuot Services Schedule

Wednesday, June 12
4:45 AM Sunrise Shaharit on the roof led by TBA Clergy

8:15 AM Hashkama Minyan in Dorff Nelson Chapel

9:30 AM Combined services led by Library Minyan in Ganzberg Sanctuary and on YouTube

8:00 PM Evening Minyan in Pilch and on Zoom 

Thursday, June 13

9:15 AM Clergy-led Shavuot Service in Ganzberg Sanctuary and on YouTube

9:30 AM Library Minyan in Dorff Nelson Chapel

11:00 AM (approx.) Yizkor in both locations

8:15 PM Evening Minyan in Pilch and on Zoom

Tuesday, June 11

7:15 PM Minha (on Zoom) & Dinner (by reservation)

8:30 PM Opening Session: Coming Together
with TBA and IKAR Clergy Teams

8:30 PM Teen Beit Midrash
led by Rabbi Chaim Tureff and Tamara Joseph for all teens and their adults

9:15 PM All-Night Learning Begins

12:00 AM Keynote Plenary Session
 Who Holds Those Who Hold the Weight of the World?
with Rabbis Kligfeld and Brous
and special snack buffets to keep you awake and learning

1:45 AM All-Night Learning continues

4:45 AM Sunrise Shaharit on the Pilch Roof

9:15 PM

Building Community: Lessons on Change and Transformation from the Talmud – Danielle Natelson
Title Pending
– Councilwoman Katy Yaroslovsky
Images of Atzeret
– Brent Blair
Judaism is About Love
– Rabbi Joel Rembaum
Disruptions and Disruptors: Making Judaism Out Of Chaos
– Dr. Leah Hochman
Created in the Image of God: A Jewish Exploration of People with Disabilities
– Matan Koch
Journey To The Mountain – Yoga For Shavuot
– Rabbi Deborah Silver

10:15 PM

Queer Revelation: Revealing Us to Ourselves Rabbi Kerry Chaplin
What’s Stopping You?: Tradition, Innovation & Space Between Rabbis Sofia Zway & Brett Kopin
The Journey to Sinai: A Jews by Choice Panel & DiscussionJews By Choice Panel, moderated by Rabbi Hannah Jensen
Acting in the Divine Image of G!d Henry Morgen & Paula Pearlman
War and Protest in Israeli Poetry – Dr. Ethan Pack
One Language, One Heart: Risks and Benefits of Unity Rabbi Josh Katzan
Six Remembrances – Rabbi Brad Artson

11:15 PM

Yenta Podcast: Shavuot Shenanigans Raye Schiller & Dr. Sara Glass
A Taste of Resetting the Table: Speaking Across Conflict Rabbi Matt Shapiro & Inez Tiger
Jewish Surnames Around the World: Diversity and Unity – Dr. Sarah Benor
Dismantling Racism from the Inside Out – Yehuda Webster
Is It Kosher for a Jew to Attend a Bullfight?Rabbi Jonathan Bernhard
Torah of Bikkur Holim: There are Jewish chaplains? Rabbi Chaim Singer-Frankes & Dena Trugman

12:00 AM

Keynote Plenary: Who Holds Those Who Hold the Weight of the World? – Rabbi Sharon Brous and Rabbi Adam Kligfeld

1:45 PM

Mikvah: Rituals to Sustain Us Rachel Marcus & Liana Wertman
Title Pending Rabbi Dr. Candice Levy
Forever in our Torah Era Rabbi Liora Alban

2:45 AM

Radical Rabbinic Hope: Stories of Our Sages During Times of Tumult – Rabbi Joseph Shamash

3:45 PM

Coming Together in Holy Community – Rabbis Rebecca Schatz & Morris Panitz

4:45 AM

Sunrise Shaharit on Pilch Roof