Life Cycle

The synagogue is the center of celebration and remembrance.

At Temple Beth Am, we do our utmost to ensure that your event is fulfilling and rewarding. Our professional staff will guide you with every detail you need to create a meaningful experience.

Weddings * B'nei Mitzvah Celebrations * Brit/Baby Naming Engagements * Memorials * Birthdays * Concerts * Private Shabbat Dinners * Seminars * Film Location *


Temple Beth Am is one of Los Angeles’ premier locations for families celebrating a “once in a lifetime” simcha. Our Sanctuary and its balcony has seating capacity for 1,000 guests. For an intimate ceremony, our Dorff Nelson Chapel seats up to 350 guests. Your celebration can continue in the spacious Grand Ballroom which seats up to 400 guests. Five additional halls are available for smaller events, a pre-ceremony reception, or dessert. Finally, our rooftop area isthe perfect place for an under-the-stars gathering, with views of the Hollywood hills and more. We will be delighted to arrange a private tour of our facility to discuss your specific needs.

Temple Beth Am offers a selection of the finest Kosher caterers in the Los Angeles area.

To plan the logistics of your simcha, contact Ronna Sundy, Events Coordinator at ext. 217 or

Loss of Loved One

Contact Temple Beth Am in case of a death:

  • During office hours, please call 310-652-7354 ext. 210 to reach Life Cycle Coordinator Susan Nemetz.
  • During evening hours or on Sunday, call 310-652-7354 ext. 401 to reach our emergency contact line. Please leave a message and we will ensure that your message reaches a Rabbi on call.

The loss of a loved one, a painfully inevitable part of life, is arguably the time when we need the support and guidance of Jewish tradition the most. Our synagogue family is particularly sensitive to the needs of mourners. Our Rabbis are always available to assist you, comfort your family in your hour of need and officiate at the funerals of your loved ones. During the entire shiva period the community can provide a minyan at your home. Upon request, Temple Beth Am will also provide food for shiva meals. For assistance, contact our Life Cycle Coordinator, Susan Nemetz
To discuss purchase of cemetery property on a pre-need basis, contact Executive Director Sheryl Goldman at ext. 223.

CLICK HERE for Current Funeral & Shivah Info and for more information on Bereavement


Temple Beth Am can provide a complete wedding package, from ceremony to reception. Our Rabbis are available to guide you and perform your wedding ceremony, should you choose. Our events coordinator with over 20 years of experience, will assist you with your rehearsal and ceremony. Included in your wedding package is your choice of two beautiful chuppahs (wedding canopies). Temple Beth Am’s gift to each newlywed couple, married by one of our Rabbis, a free Temple membership for one year.

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Brit Milah & Baby Naming

The synagogue facilities are available for your bris or baby naming. Our Rabbis officiate with a mohel in the Brit Milah ceremony that welcomes a baby boy into the covenant of the Jewish people and bestows upon him his Hebrew name. Our clergy are also available to officiate a baby naming to bless a Jewish girl as her first welcome into Jewish life.

Bnei Mitzvah

As a child becomes a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, s/he takes on the responsibilities and privileges of becoming an adult in the Jewish community, which requires a great deal of preparation and commitment. We are blessed to have many B’nei Mitzvah celebrations each year. Members are encouraged to make arrangements for their youngster's Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates three years prior to their 13th birthday. Please plan ahead and contact Judith Alban, B’nei Mitzvah Coordinator at ext. 207 or

Hesed Committee

The Hesed Committee is a group of TBA members who are dedicated to organizing acts of loving kindness in our community, particularly at times of vulnerability. The committee is committed to:

  • Arranging Shabbat meals among a broad spectrum of members, particularly on designated “Host or Be Hosted” Shabbatot
  • Ensuring that those who are in need of healing are cared for through bikkur holim (visitation of the ill) and sustained by meals, company, and prayer
  • Surrounding those who have lost loved ones with extra measures of comfort during the week of shiva by supporting minyanim and providing for the needs of the mourners

Lifecycle Staff

Judith Alban

Titles: B'nei Mitzvah Coordinator
Phone Numbers:
Work: 310-652-7354 ext. 207

Susan Nemetz

Titles: Rabbinic Assistant, & Life Cycle Coordinator
Phone Numbers:
Work: 310-652-7354 ext. 210

Ronna Sundy

Titles: Special Events Coordinator
Phone Numbers:
Work: 310-652-7354 ext. 217