Rembaum Institute Summer Classes

Rembaum Institute Presents

Two New Learning Series

With Rabbi Joel Rembaum

Experiencing the Biblical Psalms — from Remorse to Rejoicing, from Hopelessness to Hope, from Doubt to Faith

Tuesdays, 7:30-9:00 PM, starting June 18, 2024, on Zoom

The Psalms express and evoke profound and wide-ranging emotions and thoughts that are as real today as they were three thousand years ago. Together we will engage in an interactive in-depth reading of ten Psalms — poems in which the authors use language, structure, and themes to convey their expressions of profound feelings that run the gamut of emotions. Fluency in Hebrew is not required, but it helps. Our schedule is as follows: June 18-July 23 — Psalms 42-47. July 30-August 20  [August 13 is Tisha B’Av; a substitute date will be set once the class has begun] — Psalms 23, 24, 145, 150.

ZOOM HERE; Passcode: 841648

Judaism is About Love — Recovering the Heart of Jewish Life

Wednesdays at 12:00 PM, Beginning on June 19, on Zoom

Recently, a book with this title hit the bookstores. In the book it’s author, Rabbi Shai Held (a Conservative rabbi) tells us that, for too long, Judaism has been mistakenly characterized as a legalistic, judgmental faith tradition. In response Rav Held proceeds to draw upon a rich compendium of sources representing 3000 years of Jewish learning and living to teach us that, beyond a shadow of doubt, love is the dominant foundational Jewish principle. Judaism is, indeed, about love. We will read the book over the course of ten weeks (it is a substantial tome) and meet weekly to discuss Held’s analysis and study selected primary sources from which he draws his Torah. Please purchase the book (available from multiple vendors and in multiple formats). We will read the book one or two chapters each week, as noted below. Primary sources will be distributed electronically. Knowledge of Hebrew is not required — the sources will be available in Hebrew and English.

1. JUNE 19 — pp. 5-44.
2. JUNE 26 — pp. 46-86
3. JULY 3 — pp. 89-151
4. JULY 10 — pp. 150-202
5. JULY 17 — pp. 204-250
6. JULY 24 — pp. 253-292
7. JULY 31 — pp. 295-342
8. AUGUST 7 — pp. 345-388
9. AUGUST 14 — pp.390-432
10. AUGUST 21— Wrap-up

ZOOM HERE; Passcode: 523038