Social Action

ואהבת לו כמוך כי גרים הייתם בארץ מצרים
"You shall love the stranger as yourself for you were strangers in the land of Egypt" - Leviticus 19:34

TBA has a number of committees working toward Tikkun Olam & Social Justice. Choose a cause that is meaningful to you and join us!

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Social Action Calendar

Donation Drives

Emily Greenstein was a beloved member of Temple Beth Am until she passed away in 2017 at age 14 after a year and a half battle with brain cancer. While under treatment, Emily wrote and recorded this inspiring song, Butterfly. Click HERE to purchase Butterfly on iTunes; all proceeds go to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

The Social Action Committee

Jo Ann Colker-Arison
Nancy Goldstone, OneLA
Jerry Krautman, TBA Board
Sandra Lepson, Sisterhood
Lia Mandelbaum, TBA Director of Programming
Henry Morgen, OneLA
Gilda Nassir, Pressman ECC Parent Association
Sara Onufer, Pressman ECC Parent Association
Amir Orbach, JLC
Paula Pearlman, OneLA
Susie Pretsky, Pressman Hesed Committee
Tyson Roberts, Refugee Taskforce
Kathy Rosenblatt, Refugee Taskforce
Rabbi Rebecca Schatz, TBA Clergy
Dianne Shershow, JWW/Operation PB&J/Giving Spirit
Reut Sklar, Teen Council
Rabbi Chaim Tureff, Pressman Academy

Quick Contacts

Lia Mandelbaum

Titles: Director of Programming and Engagement
Phone Numbers:
Work: 310-652-7354 ext. 215

Ariana Shane

Titles: Membership Coordinator, Assistant to the Executive Director
Phone Numbers:
Work: 310-652-7354 ext. 223

Natalie Weiss

Titles: Director of Admission & Membership, Pressman Academy & Temple Beth Am
Phone Numbers:
Work: 310-652-7354 ext. 205