Order of Our Time – Itzhak Levit – Minha/Extended Seudah Shlishit

Date & Time

May 25, 2024    
6:45 pm


Minha, Seudah Shlisheet, Learning, Ma’ariv and Havdalah in Dorff Nelson Chapel/Hersch Hall and on Zoom or YouTube
Learn with Itzhak Levit, Chairman of the Givati Brigade Association
Order of Our Time – The IDF’s Objective: Restoring “Neighborhood” Deterrence
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Order of Our Time

צו השעה Tzav Hash’ah 

Itzhak Levit serves as Chairman of the Givati Brigade Association since 2012.

Levit was drafted into the IDF in 1976 and volunteered to Sayeret Shaked Special Forces unit. In 1978 he became an officer and completed all the command posts up to Company Commander. He took part in several operations in Gaza Strip and South Lebanon and during the first Lebanon war in 1982 he served as the commander of a paratrooper’s company commander. After a period of academic studies, he was promoted to be a commander in the IDF officer’s school. He retired from IDF in 1989, after being the Commander of Givati Battalion Rotem.

After his retirement, Itzhak graduated with Honors in Computer Science and became a High-Tech entrepreneur. He founded and led LSS, a company that developed an innovative software solution for the production of multimedia applications. Following the company’s success, in 1996 he was awarded The Best SmallHi-Tech Company of Israel granted by the Prime Minister. Since 2000 Itzhak has served as the CEO of CDI Systems, a company based in Jerusalem that develops ecommerce and protection technologies.