Nova Festival Survivors Event

Date & Time

February 22, 2024    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Beth Am is honored to host survivors of the October 7th attack at the Nova Festival.
We will hear from Michal Ohana, Roei Burshstein and hopefully Edan Yitzchaki (see bios below) on a panel moderated by our own Nachum Peterseil.

Co-Sponsored by: Beit T’Shuvah, Beverly Hills Synagogue, Board of Rabbis of Southern CA, HAMAKOM, Kehillat Israel, Leo Baeck Temple, Stephen Wise Temple, Temple Beth Hillel, Valley Beth Shalom

This is an inspiring opportunity for our community, and we hope you will help us celebrate life by being witness to trauma and tragedy by listening to share our support! Anyone, and everyone, is welcome AND we want to be sure that you are aware that we do not know what the stories will be, nor the language that will be used, nor the pictures that might be shown, so please choose who in your family will come based off of those unknowns. Every name MUST register below for security purposes.

Though this event is free to attend, we would like to raise some money for these young people to get back on their feet. You can join us for free, you can donate if you are able or unable to join us – but we hope you will do something to engage with these survivors coming to share their stories with our community.

THIS EVENT IS NOW CLOSED. Only registered attendees will be allowed in by security.

Michal Ohana– originally from Jerusalem, lives in Portugal and came to Israel to celebrate Sukkot with her family and went to the Nova festival with friends. She survived behind a tank with 40 other people.

Roei Burshstein  – 22 years old, released from the army in June was supposed to move in September to LA but had a car issue so had to wait a few weeks and changed his ticket and went to the Nova Festival with five cousins. Initially was surrounded by terrorists while fleeing to his car, got out and ran for hours and became separated from his cousins. Rescued hours later by strangers who were coming from the Kibbutzim to pick partygoers up.