Beiteinu with Special Guest from Israel

Date & Time

February 3, 2024    
9:45 am


with Rabbi Na’ama Levitz Applbaum (davening and teaching)

From Solitude to Solidarity: Yitro’s Blueprint for Community Resilience

Saturday, February 3

with guest Rav Na’ama Levitz Applbaum

Rav Na’ama will offer insights and personal experiences in navigating community leadership during times of crisis, drawing inspiration from Parshat Yitro and other relevant texts. Join this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges, successes, and resilience observed within a Jerusalem community at war, providing valuable lessons for communal strength in times of adversity.

9:30 AM Combined Clergy Service, Beiteinu & Shir Hadash Services in Pilch Hall (only clergy service*)

11:15 AM Learning with Rav Na’ama

12:20 PM Early Minha (in Pilch) and Refugee Lunch and Learn to follow in Adelson

*Please Note: Only One Main Clergy-Led Service This Shabbat: Shir Hadash and Beiteinu join together in Pilch Hall At 9:30 AM with guest teacher, Rav Na’ama Levitz Applbaum

Rav Na’ama Levitz Applbaum is a senior educator and strategic consultant for Jewish organizations. She received her ordination from Rabbi Daniel Landes in Jerusalem, has served as an educator for the Dorot Foundation in Jerusalem, the Director of Ramah Israel Seminar, Israel Director of Community Engagement for the Hadar Institute and mentor for Hillel International. She spent this past summer at Ramah California as Director of Education. She teaches at the Schechter Institutes’ Ashira Tehillot program, training prayer leaders, and currently serves in a leadership role in her community, Hakhel in Jerusalem.

A seventh gen Jerusalemite and shuk enthusiast, you can find her drinking coffee, running to a Pilates class, or havrutaing while raising her four children together with her partner Ari. Na’ama is passionate about creating community and building bridges between Israel and North America.