Havurah Program

Havurot bring a richness of Jewish experience, personal meaning and interpersonal connection to their members. A havurah is a self-run group of 6 -7 families or 10 – 12  synagogue members who gather regularly to celebrate Jewish Shabbat/holidays, lifecycle events; to learn and grow; and to have fun. Typically, a havurah will meet once every 6-8 weeks. Some event ideas include Shabbat dinner, holiday celebrations, picnic in the park, parent night out, Dodger Game, etc.

We have TBA members who have been part of a havurah for over 25 years!

Please submit this form if you are interested in being part of a new havurah at Temple Beth Am. Your responses will help us to set expectations and facilitate accommodations among group members. New havurot will meet after the Jewish new year.