Teen Membership

This year, we’re thinking about teen membership a bit differently- the concept of “investing in community” resonates strongly with us. Every teen in each family that belongs to TBA is a “teen member,” we recognize the substantial investment you make in our community by being members.

We know what a meaningful impact we can have when elevating our teen programming and how it makes our community that much stronger and more vibrant. For that to continue, we need your help in offering all the wonderful opportunities we have provided and will continue to provide to your kids as we navigate this unprecedented time, including but not limited to:

  • Weekly Teen lounges
  • Social programming
  • Shabbat opportunities
  • High Holiday programs
  • Social justice oriented programming
  • Partner programs with other synagogues and organizations

We know you already demonstrate your commitment to Temple Beth Am with your time, resources, and energy. By signing up for teen membership as well, you help ensure that you and your teens will continue to reap the ample benefits that our fantastic staff works tirelessly to provide each week.

We’re committed to continuing to walk through this process with you- we welcome your ideas, feedback, and suggestions for how to continue to fine tune our offerings to best meet the needs of our diverse community. We’re with you, despite the physical distance, and we’re grateful to continue to work together.

Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead!


Rabbi Matt Shapiro

Rabbi Matt Shapiro

Titles: Director of Youth Learning & Engagement
Farrah Noah

Farrah Noah

Titles: YLE Operations Manager
Reut Sklar

Reut Sklar

Titles: Director of Youth & Teens, Camp Keshet Director
Amir Orbach

Amir Orbach

Titles: Director of JLC

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