Teen Membership

Premier Teen Benefits ($130) Include:
  • USY Membership*
  • Reduced fee to join a Moving Traditions Group** (Rosh Hodesh or Shevet Achim)
  • Full Access to Teen Minyan at no extra cost
  • Special Premier Teen pricing for Social Events
  • Eligible to serve on the Teen Council

*required to participate in Regional Events and Regional Board
**Depends on grade level and group availability

Eligibility Requirements:
7th-12th Grade*
*Not all programs are available for all grade levels.
All teens, regardless of TBA membership can apply


Rabbi Yechiel Hoffman EdD

Rabbi Yechiel Hoffman EdD

Titles: Director of Youth Learning & Engagement
Lisa Clumeck Graef

Lisa Clumeck Graef

Titles: JLC Director, Co-Camp Director
Reut Sklar

Reut Sklar

Titles: Co-Camp Director, Youth Groups Coordinator
Farrah Noah

Farrah Noah

Titles: YLE Operations Coordinator

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