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Passover Prep: Art of the Haggadah
Zoom & at TBA

Art of the Haggadah - Finding Artistry in Our Story and Exploring a Masterpiece Haggadah with the Artist themself
with David Moss
Zoom at TBA with bagels and coffee $5 per person RSVP HERE or Zoom from home for free

Haggadah Slam

Temple Beth Am & B'nai David-Judea join together:
Focus on the section of the Haggadah, Tze U’Lmad, representing some of the earliest aggadic(narrative) midrash in our tradition.

Kashering for Passover
Lower Kitchen

Passover Services

Note: there will be no evening minyan on April 5-6

Passover Podcasts

Our Passover Prep Series events are found on our Podcast page after the original broadcast (along with all of our TBA learning opportunities).
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Sunday, April 2
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

in the TBA lower kitchen
For Metal Utensils & Small Pots/Pans
Note: Everything needs to be fully cleaned beforehand. Anything with wood or plastic attachments may not be kashered.
Bring silverware in mesh bags (if possible). Large kashering pot will be going for a few hours, and someone will be there to help supervise.

2022 Passover Prep Videos

Passover Activity Booklets

Created by our Pressman Academy Shinshinit, Tooti Charutz