Green Team

Our TBA Green Team has launched, with projects and classes to honor Shemitah year 5782

The Sabbatical Year (Shemitah), as observed in the Land of Israel in biblical times, was a time when our farmer ancestors let the land lie fallow, abandoning ownership so that all could gather food and eat freely, and cancelled all debts. Shemitah provided the opportunity, once every seven years, for people to step back from their usual agricultural and economic labors to reconnect with the natural world and with each other.

All year long, the Green Team will be organizing opportunities for learning and action for our TBA community. If you missed our Green Team launch announcement, with an explanation of how our efforts are connected to the theme of the Torah’s practice of the Sabbatical Year, click here

Upcoming Green Team Events


Calling everyone who is ready to get dirty and help! Celebrate Tu B'Shevat by helping remove invasive species from the Ballona Creek Wetlands. This event is family-friendly. For more details and to register, click here!


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What Kids can Do 


The Good News:  
As explained in a Natural Resources Defense Council article on How to Raise an Environmentalist, “We often talk about leaving the world a better place for our children. But our kids are not standing idly by while we wonder how to clean up the mess we’ve made. Energetic, adept with technology, and enthusiastic to create change, kids already have the tools to become stewards of the planet’s ecological health. And they are ready to start now.”  

Take Action
As we head into summer vacation, think about how to involve your children or grandchildren in greening our world.  Many of the action items discussed in prior Sustainability Options articles can be done with kids.  TAKE ACTION: Click here to learn about eco-friendly activities to do with kids over the summer and throughout the year!

Catch up! It's not too late for the last few month's challenges, CLICK HERE
If you make or have made a household or lifestyle change to “go green” as a result of our Sustainability Choices articles, send a photo and/or a short write-up about your efforts to, with “Green Team” in the subject line. You may be featured in a future Green Team newsletter!



The recycling committee met with Executive Director Sheryl Goldman and Facilities Director, Art Mercado.  During a walk-through of the synagogue and school, the current recycling program was discussed. Some areas for improvement include:

  • Getting up to date with the overall recycling program to be provided by our current waste hauler.
  • Adding recycling bins around the campus. Looking into ways to reduce use of disposable plates and utensils.
  • Getting ready for the move to composting food waste.
  • Improving the marking on existing bins.
  • Providing training for staff and students.
  • Informing the community at large.



We have created an archive of interesting articles, webinars, and other learning opportunities (not TBA-related) which is updated on a regular basis. If you are interested in learning more about Green issues in general or Shemitah resources in particular please visit our Green Planet/Shmitah Resources Document.