Through Yachad Teens, TBA 7th-8th grade students continue their Jewish learning into their high school years. Yachad Teens students deepen their belonging to to Jewish friends within their community. Through interactive learning, participants will deepen their Jewish skills and knowledge, and be challenged to think about how Judaism can bring meaning to their lives and enrich their thinking and decisions.

Yachad Teens meets once per week, comes with Premier Teen Membership for access to teens and USY programs, and a special annual weekend trip just for Yachad Teens participants. Yachad Teens incorporates into the mix interactive conversations, debates, painting, arts and crafts, creative writing, song, meditation, acting, improv, cooking and media into the curriculum. Students participate in field trips and encounters with guest speakers throughout the year.

Tuesdays, 6:00pm-8:00pm - Includes Pizza Dinner!
Tuition for 7th* - 8th Graders**: $1,600.00***
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*This program qualifies for the Jewish Education requirement towards for a B’nei Mitzvah at Temple Beth Am.
**This program qualifies to meet Camp Ramah's Jewish education requirements.
***Tuition includes weekly meetings, special weekend events and Premier Teen membership . Other programs and trips will have additional fees.

Sample Tuesday Schedule and Topics




7th Grade

  • Check in and Mindfulness Reflection
  • Jewish Values in Real Life
  • The D’var Torah: How to conceive, write and present a Drash

8th Grade

  • Check in and Mindfulness Reflection
  • Why does Jewish History matter to me!
  • How history became today’s American Judaism?
  • Comparative religion


Pizza Dinner


7th-8th Grade

  • Creative Parshat Hashavua Project

Sample Curriculum Breakdown

1st Semester

2nd Semester

7th Grade

  • Inside and Insight into Shabbat's Shacharit service
  • The D’var Torah: How to conceive, write and present a Drash
  • Applied Jewish Values

Becoming a Highly Effective Teen:

Taught through the Lens of Sean Covey’s Book and the Wisdom of the Jewish practice of Mussar

8th Grade

  • Survey of Jewish HIstory from the Temple Period to the 2st Century
  • An in depth exploration of the Shoah and its impact on us and Jews today

Special Events

  • Museum Of the Holocaust L’Dough L’Dough
  • Special Guest Rabbi Speakers

· Yachad Teens Weekend Getaway

· TBA Clergy Taught Sessions

· Special Community Speakers

Our 7th grade class will be led by Morah Barbara Heller, who developed the original sensory stimulating and artistic curriculum for this program. For over 20 years, Barbara Heller, has been writing and teaching in many Jewish organizations on many subjects, including Jewish studies, mindful awareness, singing, creative writing, theatre, acting, dance, Hebrew language, and prayer. Ms. Heller has studied Torah subjects and the Hebrew language at Midreshet Rachel, Nishmat, Pardes, Isralight, and Jewel. She also studied performing arts subjects at several highly acclaimed theatre arts schools around the world, and works as an voice-over artist, writer and actress.

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YLE Staff

Rabbi Yechiel Hoffman EdD

Titles: Director of Youth Learning & Engagement

Lisa Clumeck Graef

Titles: JLC Director, Co-Camp Director

Reut Sklar

Titles: Co-Camp Director, Youth Groups Coordinator

Farrah Noah

Titles: YLE Operations Coordinator

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