Learning Labs

Learning Labs are opportunities for 2nd-6th grade students on Tuesdays to pick an elective and learn some meaningful Judaic content through hands-on activities in creative fields such as drama, music, cooking, etc.
For the 2019-2020 JLC Year Learning Labs will be divided up by trimesters. Each trimester, students will be able to pick a different lab (elective) for that trimester.

Some of the Learning Labs offered in the JLC this year include the following:

Cooking Learning Labs – where students will explore different Jewish values, focusing on the main idea/theme of the value, and create a recipe that reflects that main idea. For example, when talking about Hachnassat Orchim (Welcoming Guests), the students will create something extra welcoming and sweet, when talking about Bal Tashchit (Caring for the Environment), students will create dishes that are environment-friendly, and so on.

Musical Theater/Drama Lab – where students will learn about Jewish holidays, Torah stories, and other aspects of our traditions through improv, theater games, working on performing songs and monologues, creating skits, and eventually even putting up their own original show!

Conversational Hebrew Lab – where students will learn basic conversational Hebrew vocabulary through immersions, songs, stories, and games. If you ever wanted a crash course of how to get around in Israel – this is the Lab for you!

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