Learning Labs

Learning Labs are opportunities for 2nd-6th grade students on Tuesdays to pick an elective and learn some meaningful Judaic content through hands-on activities in art, music, cooking, etc.
For the 2018-2019 JLC Year Learning Labs will be divided up by trimesters. Each trimester, students will be able to pick a different lab (elective) for that trimester.

For our first trimester, the JLC students will be focusing on taking a deeper look into Jewish holidays.

Students in the Cooking Learning Labs will learn about customs and traditions around the Jewish holidays. While sampling different, and not always traditional recipes that are connected to the holidays. Some foods the kids will be making include matzo Brei, Hamantaschen, dairy foods for Shavuot, and so on.

Students in the Art Lab are going to create their own personalized books/manuals about the different holidays. Rich with different texts and illustrations made by the kids, these books will serve as a personal guide to Jewish holidays, and remind the kids and their families exactly what each Jewish holiday is all about.

Students in the Music Lab will form their own JLC bans and learn different Israeli and Jewish folk’s songs around the different holidays. Additionally, students will get to know and learn about different Israeli music and Israeli artists.

The students will get to present their works to the entire JLC community on our special “Learning Labs Presentation Day” on Tuesday, December 11th.


JLC Staff

Rabbi Matt Shapiro
Director of YLE

Amir Orbach,
JLC Director

Farrah Noah,
Operations Coordinator