Learning Labs

Learning Labs are opportunities for 2nd-6th grade students on Tuesdays to pick an elective and learn some meaningful Judaic content through hands-on activities in art, music, cooking, etc.
For the 2018-2019 JLC Year Learning Labs will be divided up by trimesters. Each trimester, students will be able to pick a different lab (elective) for that trimester.

Some examples of Learning Labs that students enjoyed this past year were:
Jewlicious Cooking Does Israel
, where students learned the important techniques for cooking and presenting their food, in addition to studying the cuisine representative of Israel.
Making Music, students learned to play guitar and other musical instruments to connect to daily and Shabbat tefillot in a way like they have never before.
Draw; Paint; Create Creation, students delved into the different days of creation with thoughtful attention, using art to discover the origins of Judaic thought and philosophy.
Mitzvah Superheroes, gave JLC students the opportunity to really make a difference with a variety of social action projects, giving back to the community and to the world.

Stay tuned for NEW Learning Lab choices coming this fall...


JLC Staff

Rabbi Yechiel Hoffman, EdD
Director of YLE

Amir Orbach,
JLC Director

Farrah Noah,
Operations Coordinator