Learning Labs

For the 2016-2017 JLC Year Learning Labs will be divided up by trimesters. Each trimester, the JLC will provide 2 choices for Kitah Gimmel and Dalet (3rd and 4th grade) students and 2 choices for Kitah Hay and Vav (5th and 6th grade) students.

Some examples of Learning Labs that students enjoyed this past year were: In the Costume Design of the Torah lab students learned the process of costume design, including designing their own costumes, while doing a deep investigation of the Torah and specific figures who have helped to shape Jewish tradition and lifestyle. In a lab entitled Muscle Tov students gained an understanding of the connections between Jewish practice and sports and participated in a study of Jewish themes and practice of different sports activities like, football and basketball. In our ever so popular Cooking Lab students engaged in a variety of cooking techniques while being taught about Jews from around the world and connections to Jewish themes and holiday. All of our Learning Labs are an exciting and a terrific opportunity for students to gain some new skills and knowledge! Stay tuned for our first trimester of Learning Lab selections coming this fall...

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JLC Staff

Rabbi Yechiel Hoffman, EdD
Director of YLE

Lisa Clumeck,
JLC Director

Farrah Noah,
Operations Coordinator