Swimming Info

Swimming is a hallmark of summer camp, but also the cause of much concern with parents. This information is meant to give more details to ease your mind and answer any questions you may have.

Pool: Mondays 2nd - 6th Grade

All campers are able to enjoy a fun and safe summer at Keshet regardless of his/her swimming abilities: it is not a requirement to be swim safe at Camp Keshet. We recognize that swim safety is a number one concern to parents sending children to camp, and relay this important message to all counselors and staff throughout the summer.

All staff members are required to swim in the pool with campers, or 1-2 may stay out of the pool with the few campers who chose not to swim on any given day. All staff members that swim in the pool are trained to be vigilant, play and engage with campers and to keep the safety of all campers at all time. Dress code for staff requires every counselor to wear an appropriate bathing suit.

We attend West Hollywood Pool on Monday afternoon, which is a heated pool about a ten minute drive from TBA. All lifeguards are Red Cross certified and trained. All campers begin in the self-contained contained shallow end, which has a ramp-like entrance so campers of all sizes may safely enter and play in the pool. Campers who chose to take the deep end test must swim across the length of the pool and back unassisted without stopping. Once campers pass the swim test, they no longer need to re-test. Campers may take the deep end swim test each Monday.

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