Field Trips


Field Trips will take place on Tuesday & Thursday of each week. All Field Trips are transported by a seat belted school bus. Campers must wear a camp T-shirt on field trip days! Field trips are subject to change.

K-6th Grade 1-6 grade
Week 1

(June 18-19)

Pump it Up (K-6)

Underwood Farms

Week 2

(June 22-26)


SM Pier - Pacific Park

Week 3

(June 29-July 2)

Kidspace (K-1)
Tree People (2-6)

Soak City

Week 4

(July 6-10)

Movie - Minions: The Rise of Gru (K-6)

Adventure City (1-2)
Knott's Berry Farm (3-6)

Week 5

(July 13-17)

Scooter's Jungle (K-1)
Seaside Lagoon (2-6 Grade)

Cayton Children's Museum (1-2)
Ultrazone (3-6)

Week 6

(July 20-24)


Bowling (1-2)
Ramah Sleepover (3-6)

*July 3rd - Camp is closed

On all field trips, campers are split into small groups with a Rosh (head counselor) and CIT or with a Junior and Senior counselor. Small campers to staff ratios allow staff to give personal attention to each child and have enough eyes to safely supervise all campers.
On most field trips, the camp co-directors or assistant director will attend the trip to help supervise and manage the group.
**Parents are invited to attend some large or public field trips designated in the trip schedule.

Parent Chaperones
A chaperone may be a parent or other family member, babysitter, or friend designated by the family. If you would like to chaperone, please email Reut Sklar. Chaperones pay for parking, and meet Camp Keshet at the field trip location. Admission into the trip is paid for by the camp. Chaperones volunteer to take children in small groups and to check in with the Director throughout the day. Each chaperone agrees to supervise his/her own child plus 1-2 friends, and no siblings may attend. Chaperones must commit to staying until the trip is complete and the buses return to TBA.

Keshet campers and staff hold to the laws of Kashrut at all times, both on-site at TBA and when on field trips. We do not purchase or eat the food offered at any field trip location.

Safety Procedures
Counselors are CPR/First Aid trained and are familiar with TBA emergency procedures. While we do not anticipate or have ever had to do so, a “lost camper drill” will be practiced during the camp session. All staff have cell phones, and check in with the director(s) throughout the day, both in person and via phone. Camp Directors and Roshim (head counselors) have group list with emergency contact information and first aid kits on them at all times.

Additional Information
On trips with rides and other attractions (Adventure City, Water Park, Santa Monica Pier) groups are split by size and campers desire to ride different levels of rides. (Small rides, medium rides, 'lazy river', big rides, etc)

Campers wear Camp Keshet t-shirts all day on every trip, including water field trips (Seaside Lagoon and Water park).

A staff member will always escort campers into bathroom areas and all public restrooms that are not at TBA. No child enters a bathroom without a staff standing in the washing area.

Thank You for trusting us with your most precious possession… your children! We look forward to a fun, memorable and safe summer at Camp Keshet.

Feel free to contact us!

Camp Keshet
Reut Sklar
310-652-7354 ext. 212

Farrah Noah, Operations Coordinator
310-652-7354 ext. 206