Construction FAQs

Pardon our dust - our building is under construction this summer!

So how will Camp Keshet be affected by the construction?

The Ganzberg (school) building will still be completely accessible and usable. Camp Keshet will use this building as we have in the past. Camp groups will continue to meet in the rooms in the school building and many specialist activities will take place here as well. All of the classrooms will be transformed and have a warm Camp Keshet feeling. Our camp office will also be temporarily relocated to Ganzberg for ease and convenience to all of our camp parents.

The TBA Synagogue building will also be completely accessible. Typically Camp Keshet has used the Ballroom and Adelson on the 2nd floor and Hersch Hall, Kopelove, Chermisqui, and the Chapel on the ground floor. Camp Keshet has been given the okay to use all of these rooms by the construction team and synagogue leadership responsible for the construction process. Still, we have decided to limit the use of these rooms, to ensure that there is less travel near construction areas of the synagogue. We will decide on an as needed basis if these rooms will be used and will only do so with complete confidence that they are safe and secure from any of the work being done in or around the building.

What will be the use of outdoor space at TBA during Construction?

None of the Outdoor Spaces will be affected by the construction. The Kindergarten Yard, Bike Path, Sandbox Play Area, and Corning Field will all be accessible to camp. The Roof will remain completely accessible during camp and will be used by grades 1-6 throughout the summer as well.

How will carline (Drop off and Pick Up) be affected?

Carline during camp (Drop off and Pick Up) will remain the same as it has been in previous years. Drop off for all ages will be in the lower level parking garage from 8:45-9am. Campers will line up with their groups at drop off and walk to their group rooms or designated locations following carline. Pick up for half day ECC campers will remain in the lower parking garage at 1pm and will be in the upper outdoor lot for all other campers at 3pm. We will only change pick up carline to the lower garage when we are instructed that access to the upper outdoor lot will be limited due to construction, in which case parents will be notified via email or text message.

Will we be able to enter and exit the building the same way as we do now?

Camp Entrances and Exits may change slightly during this period of time. Campers and temple members will still be permitted to enter through the front gate of the synagogue building during construction. However, the outdoor alley walkway adjacent to the Temple building will be closed not allowing direct access through to Ganzberg (school building) in that direction. Parents and campers will be directed to walk through the synagogue halls into the ballroom, exiting on the Kindergarten yard to gain access to the Ganzberg. If construction requires us to move entrance/exit locations to the building at any point, security will be positioned appropriately to ensure the safety of all people/campers entering and exiting Camp Keshet.

What are some things Camp Keshet is doing this summer to ensure top notch exciting programming and safety for our campers?

For Campers in Grades 1-6 - This summer campers will be going on 3 field trips per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Increasing our field trip days will assure our campers are staying engaged and active throughout the day. On Mondays our campers will participate in special group time and specialist activities. In addition our 2nd-6th graders will spend the afternoon at the West Hollywood pool. On Fridays campers will participate in a special Camp Keshet Shabbat experience with fun activities and Shabbat specialist.
Please click here for a sample schedule for the 1st-6th grade Camp Keshet experience.

For ECC, Gesher, and Kindergarten Campers - schedules will remain with daily specialist, group time activities and outdoor and water play. Our kindergarten campers will continue to attend 1 field trip per week on Tuesdays. Click on the links to see sample schedules for ECC & Gesher, and Kindergarten.

In addition to our schedule changes, camp administration and teachers will all be trained to understand and respond to changes at Camp Keshet during construction. There will be multiple sweeps of outside areas before and after camp hours to ensure that the grounds are kept clean and safe. We will limit use to any rooms/spaces that may have construction nearby and all areas where construction is in process will be clearly labeled and strictly prohibited from all staff and campers.

Some things to know about our TBA Construction Team:

Temple Beth Am and Pressman Academy searched for a construction team that has experience in school settings and has a priority of ensuring the safety of children on premise. The company that was hired, Del Amo Construction, comes with the experience that the school and temple required and has already ensured us of procedures that will take place to assure the safety of our children. Each member of the construction team that will be working on the premises will be live scanned (governmental background check performed in all school settings). Each member of the construction staff will also be required to wear ID badges while on site. Construction staff are designated to certain areas of the building and have separate areas where they have lunch; use restroom facilities; and engage in meetings. These spaces are not visible to campers, parents, staff, or any other temple member and will not interfere with our day to day activities.

Most importantly the construction team will be in constant communication with TBA/Camp leadership to ensure that we are aware of all things happening before, during, and after camp hours!

Feel free to contact us!

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