Tu B'shevat Seder


We will join for a pre-dinner snack, drink and Tu B'shevat seder to enjoy the fruits of our trees, the fruit of our Torah, and the fruit of the lives we've planted. In order to enjoy some "nosh" during the seder please plan a fresh or dried fruit from a category listed below. Be creative and have fun with this! Also feel free to have vegetables, crackers, chocolate to enjoy - all things that come from elements of our nature that we are going to bless and celebrate. 

  • Red wine or grape juice
  • White wine or grape juice- 4 cups
  • Fruit that is hard on the outside, soft on the inside (such as walnuts, coconuts, almonds)
  • Fruit that is soft with a pit in the center (such as olives, dates, peaches, apricots)
  • Fruit that is soft throughout and completely edible (such as figs, grapes, raisins)
  • Fruit that is tough on the outside and sweet on the inside (banana, mango, avocado)