COMING UP: Saturday, April 18 at 10:30AM

Welcome to Hama’alot, the rhythmic, intimate, soulful, spiritual and dynamic creative service

Born at TBA in 2014, and has kept growing since, Hama’alot meets approximately 6 times per year on Shabbat mornings at 10:30 a.m. Seating is completely in the round, and tightly packed for a sense of intimacy. We do a truncated liturgy that allows time and space for spiritually moving singing and harmonizing. No musical instruments are used, except for an occasional drum.

In deference to the basic halakhic (Jewish legal) norms, we always allow for those present to fulfill their minimal obligation to pray the Shaharit liturgy during Hama’alot, and we always conclude with Mourner’s Kaddish, such that those in mourning can have that opportunity. We generally read three aliyot rather than the usual seven for Shabbat. And the Torah service almost always includes some creative, interactive, sharing piece that deepens our engagement with the weekly reading.

Hama’alot is a no experience necessary minyan. Come with an open heart and soul, a willing voice (whether or not you think of yourself as a singer!), and an eagerness to dance along with us as we find the exquisite nexus of a traditional service that is built from the siddur and the accepted liturgy, and which is also reaching, and pushing us, to ever greater levels of spiritual engagement and growth. The best way to figure out what Hama’alot is? Try us out.

The name Hama’alot comes from the Hebrew root ע-ל-ה, or oleh, which means to rise, to ascend. Let us all ascend together. See you soon.

Listen to the melodies used at Hama'alot:

Lev Tahor

Mi Haish

B'khol Makom Every Praise

Chava Mirel

Nava Tehila

Joey Weisenberg

Rabbi Yosef Goldman

Rabbi Josh Warshawsky