We invite you to listen to drashot (sermons) given by our clergy and others.

Open Q&A with Rabbi Kligfeld

Magnificently Mundane
11/17/18, Rabbi Adam Kligfeld & Rabbi Hillary Chorny, Cantor

Post Kiddush Talk
Hiddush - For Freedom of Religion & Equality
11/10/18, Rabbi Uri Regev

Loving All. Loving Close: A brief, initial sharing of my experiences on Encounter
11/10/18, Rabbi Adam Kligfeld

Post Kiddush Talk
Anti-Semitism Today: Paris, Pittsburgh, and Beyond
11/3/18, Dr. Michael Berenbaum

Hayei Sarah
To love the other, you have to know the other
11/3/18, Rabbi Hillary Chorny, Cantor

Improbable Things Are Happening Every Day
10/27/18, Rabbi Hillary Chorny, Cantor

Yom Kippur Sermon,
Do you, Better, for Others
9/19/18, Rabbi Adam Kligfeld

Yom Kippur Sermon,
Asking the Right Questions Changes the World,
9/19/18, Rabbi Matt Shapiro

Archived Sermons