Daily Elul Minute

Chodesh Tov TBA! For this special Elul, we are introducing “The Daily Elul Minute” a beautiful idea crafted by Tom Fields-Meyer and organized by Michael Becker and our interns Josh Jacobs and Rachel Cohn.

Let’s think about returning…This is the season of teshuva — of return. What do you want to return to? What have you returned to in the past? What are you returning to right now.
Each day you can receive a short 1-2 minute video of a TBA member sharing something about returning. A story. A piece of Torah. A song. A poem. A joke. A haiku. A dance. A quote from their favorite author or movie or TV show. We will see our members faces and hear them share their dreams, their yearnings, their memories and their hopes about return with our TBA family. SUBSCRIBE HERE to watch the fabric of our community quilt come together as we count the days to High Holidays 5781
(Interested in submitting a video? Email Rabbi Schatz)