Seeking Shelter

Addressing Homelessness & Affordable Housing

Wednesday, September 26, 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Temple Beth Am Sukkah

Join Rabbi Shapiro, our OneLA Team, and the Social Action Committee for an evening in the TBA sukkah to deepen our understanding of the relationship between Sukkot and the housing and homelessness crisis in our community. The evening will begin with a Potluck Dinner at 6pm, followed by an interactive program from 7pm-9pm. Representatives from City Council will attend to hear our thoughts and answer questions. RSVP below.

The Social Action Committee
Jo Ann Colker-Arison, TBA Board Member
Michael Becker, TBA Board Member
Nancy Goldstone, One LA

Gilda Nassir, Pressman ECC Parent Association
Lia Mandelbaum, TBA Director of Programming & Engagement
Sara Onufer, Pressman ECC Parent Association
Amir Orbach, JLC Director
Paula Pearlman, One LA
Susie Pretsky, Pressman Hesed Committee
Tyson Roberts, Refugee Taskforce
Kathy Rosenblatt, Refugee Taskforce
Rabbi Matt Shapiro, TBA Clergy
Dianne Shershow, JWW/Operation PB&J/Habitat for Humanity
Reut Sklar, TBA Teen Council
Rabbi Chaim Tureff, Pressman Academy

Quick Contacts

Lia Mandelbaum

Titles: Director of Programming and Engagement
Phone Numbers:
Work: 310-652-7354 ext. 215

Ariana Shane

Titles: Membership Coordinator, Assistant to the Executive Director
Phone Numbers:
Work: 310-652-7354 ext. 223