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One LA is a network of religious and non-profits across LA County building relational power to strengthen our communities and bring about a more just society. Some issues One LA works on include health care access, criminal justice, and housing security. One LA organizes civic academies and actions to inform and influence policy makers to address the needs of the community. 

Interfaith: TBA partners with other faith communities for a variety of projects and programs.
One LA is an example of an interfaith organization TBA is active in; Pressman Academy has an ongoing relationship with Islah Academy; and TBA also partners with other faith communities to host special events.  

Racial Justice: TBA organizes awareness-raising programs, communicates support for our black and brown neighbors, and partners with predominantly Black congregations for special events.

The TBA Food Pantry and Bill Strick Memorial Helping Hand fund assists TBA community members in need.

One LA:
Henry Morgen and Nancy Goldstone
Interfaith: Rabbi Adam Kligfeld (TBA) and Rabbi Chaim Tureff (Pressman Academy)
Racial Justice: Paula Pearlman and Rabbi Cantor Hillary Chorny
Food Pantry & Bill Strick Helping Hand Fund: Rabbi Rebecca Schatz