Torah Fund Dinner 2023

ABOUT TORAH FUND: The 2022-2023 Chazak v’Ematz Torah Fund Campaign supports scholarships, resources, and programming at the Conservative/Masorti seminaries in Jerusalem, Buenos Aires, Potsdam, New York, and Los Angeles. Help strengthen Jewish education and ensure the vibrancy of the Jewish people for decades to come, with your gift to Torah Fund. Gifts of $180 and above will receive the 5783 commemorative Torah Fund pin depicted here. 


Rosana and Edward, and their sons Marcello and Dennis joined TBA, in 1991, when Marcello began first grade at Pressman Academy. Rosana immediately got involved with other parents brainstorming ways to help the school raise money for additional educational resources. This parent group soon became the official Parents Association, which until this day remains a foundational force at the school. Rosana’s initial involvement with Parents Association was as vice president of ways and means. It was her creative prowess that brought the culture of fund (and fun) raising to Pressman. Rosana helped initiate the hot lunch program and annual yearbook at the school, and when she joined Sisterhood, she brought her creative ideas with her. Rosana's leadership tenure includes sitting on the board of trustees of the synagogue, being a longtime member of the ritual committee, and with her years of leadership in the travel industry, she became an advisor for the TBA Jewish world travel program. Rosana’s TBA Sisterhood portfolio includes ways and means vice president and Torah Fund vice president, as well as the position of president, two times!. For this and so much more, we are proud to present Rosana Chermisqui with the first Marjorie Pressmanז״ל  Leadership Award for dedicated service to Temple Beth am and TBA Sisterhood.