TBA’s group for TBA members in their 50s/60s

Coming up with Nexters

One Big Kitchen Volunteer Event

Sunday, May Sunday June 25

10AM- 12PM
8657 W. Pico BLVD
Los Angeles, CA 90035Join the Nexters for a meaningful and joyful volunteer opportunity at One Big Kitchen.
Click here for more info and to register!

Nexters Steering Committee
Deb Abeles, Wendy Binder, Sherri Cohn, Lauren Goldner, Sue Hetsroni, Rishelle Maman, Linda Salem, Phyllis Steinberg and Deb Torgan
Sheryl Goldman, Executive Director
Natalie Weiss, Director of Membership

Quick Contacts

Ari Fife

Titles: Director of Programming & Engagement
Phone Numbers:
Work: 310-652-7354 ext. 215

Ariana Shane

Titles: Membership and Data Manager, Assistant to the Executive Director
Phone Numbers:
Work: 310-652-7354 ext. 223

Natalie Weiss

Titles: Director of Membership
Phone Numbers:
Work: 310-652-7354 ext. 205

Anne Spar
Sisterhood President

Joel Cooper, & Sasha Ezros
Men's Society Co-Presidents