Annual Meeting

Wednesday, May 24 at 6:30 p.m.

Join us as we review the past year and share plans for the next year. Officers and Board Members will be elected for the 2017-18 year.
FREE (for all TBA members)! Scroll down to see the complete Slate for the Temple Beth Am 2017-18 Board of Trustees.

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Temple Beth Am Slate for the 2017-18 Board of Trustees

Susan Hetsroni

Avi Peretz
Executive Vice President

Don Snyder
Budget and Finance Vice President

Karen Fried
Education Vice President

Aaron Aftergood
House and Grounds Vice President

Mark Samuel
Membership Vice President

Stuart Tochner
Personnel Vice President

Jacqui Jacobs
Programming Vice President

Josh Kaplan
Resource Development Vice President

Stuart Weiss
Ritual Vice President

Danit Ferd
YLE Vice President

Eric Maman
Vice President At-Large

Larry Braman
Recording Secretary

One Year Term:
Michael Becker
Jo Ann Colker Arison
Samantha Garelick
Rebecca Greenberg
Fran Grossman
Jennifer Low
Danielle Mark

Two Year Term:
Melissa Berenbaum
Wendy Binder
Joel Cooper
Jennifer Elad
Elyssa Elbaz
Gabriela Litov
Sal Litvak
Aaron Marzwell
Ben Reder
Scott Taryle
Lori Tessel

Returning Trustees (terms through June 30, 2018):
Bob Braun
Mandy Lande
Alana Rotter
Sonia Rubin
Larry Rosenstein
Bradley Temkin

Quick Contacts

Ariana Shane,
Membership Coordinator

Lia Mandelbaum
Director of Programming & Engagement

Stella Ezros,
Sisterhood President

Joel Cooper, & Sasha Ezros
Men's Society Co-Presidents


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