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HHD News Flash #9

TEN DAYS AND COUNTING! Are you ready for the High Holidays?

Is anyone really ready for them? Are they too early this year? Too late? It's got to be one or the other. When are they ever right on time?

Have you received an invitation to open the Ark in the Un-Sanctuary Service? I didn't think so because we're not pre-assigning them this year. We've decided that 5779 will be rung in with an Ark-Opening Free-for-All. If you want an honor, just let one of the Gabbaim know when you arrive and they'll see what they can do. But please, go easy on our delicate Gabbaim who will be working their tails off. No pushing, shoving, trampling. And certainly, no bribing (this is the High Holidays, after all).

The other topic to cover in this Newsflash – Greeters. We're putting together our team of Greeters - a great group who solemnly promise to be on their best behavior during the one hour for which they have signed up. Greeting is a real joy on the High Holidays, and it's only for one hour. It's a perfect way to schmooze and earn mitzvah points at the same time. The job entails making sure that everyone who walks through our doors feels welcomed – AND knows where they can find a seat (in case you haven't heard, there are no assigned seats at any of the services). This will require a particularly patient, warm and welcoming hand. Thankfully, we have those types of people in abundance at TBA.

If you'd like to join the Greeting Team, we'd love to have you (and could use a few more people!) Contact Ariana Shane at to volunteer (yes, this is only a volunteer job).

Do reach out to our Executive Director Sheryl Goldman if you need special accommodation (i.e. use a walker, wheelchair, or have a bad back and need a more supportive chair). We will have a special section of more sturdy seats designated just for you.

That's it for now. Be on the lookout for the LAST pre-Rosh Hashanah Newsflash -- #10 – that will come out, hopefully, before Rosh Hashanah.

Joyful Flexibility!