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HHD News Flash #6

Did you know that Temple Beth Am was a "synaplex" before it was cool? More than 40 years ago, TBA members with young children wanted a lay led Shabbat morning service. Rabbi Jacob Pressman (z'l) gave it his blessing and the Library Minyan was born. Those TBA members are now grandparents and for two generations, the Library Minyan has welcomed those who seek a traditional Conservative service that is lay led. And by the way, the Library Minyan outgrew the Library a long time ago, and holds its service in Dorff Nelson Chapel!

Planning is underway in the Library Minyan for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and services promise to be an inspiring, meaningful and uplifting prayer experience. And you will know many of those leading the services and giving the sermons... they are your fellow members of TBA!

Another reason to check out the Library Minyan this year, is that there will be a special art installation in the ceiling. Wanda Peretz is designing art murals that will replicate the ornate and colorful interiors of Polish synagogues in the 17th and 18th centuries. The murals depict animals (actual and mythical), zodiac signs, Hebrew prayers and symbols and a myriad of other brightly colored motifs. These Polish synagogues, on which the art is based, were destroyed by the Nazis, but we will have a chance to experience what it must have been like to pray among beautiful images that inspire the Divine. Many TBA members who regularly daven in the Library Minyan have been assisting Wanda throughout the summer with the coloring of these murals. There is no doubt the Library Minyan will be a special place this year!

So please remember, this year your tickets for the High Holidays at TBA entitle you to attend any service (space permitting!) and the Library Minyan invites any and all TBA members to spend some of your High Holidays in the Dorff Nelson Chapel.

Joyful Flexibility!