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HHD News Flash #5

What's up, Doc? That's the big question. Who is going to fill Doc's shoes in the Ionic Hall? Well, it's going to take TWO people to fill those shoes, one for Rosh Hashanah and another for Yom Kippur.

For Rosh Hashanah, you might know the person. It is

DR RACHEL LERNER, a devoted and regular member of our TBA community and Dean of the Graduate Center for Jewish Education at the AJU. With extraordinary skills as a Sh'lichat Tzibbur, a sweet voice and an even sweeter soul, she is special and amazing.

You ALL know the person who will be Rabbi Matt Shapiro's partner on Yom Kippur – it's none other than our former Rabbinic Intern and Musical Artist-in-Residence JOSH WARSHAWSKY! You know what that means – you better get to Yom Kippur services extra early on September 19th as there could be a rush to fill the Ionic.

There could also be a rush to the Main Non-Sanctuary service to see if Rabbi Kligfeld can lead HHD services with one arm tied behind his back, although in his case it will be one arm tied to his chest. It will make his "al chets" so much easier – all part of his rehab program.

All these happenings is making the Library Minyan service look like the "normal" one. We'll see about that in future Newsflashes. Where will be for Kol Nidre? Keep checking the Newsflashes.

Joyful Flexibility!