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HHD News Flash #4

One size fits all!

Your High Holiday ticket this year will let you go anywhere.

Main non-sanctuary – yes.

Library Minyan – yes.

Beiteinu at the Ionic – you bet.

Plant yourself in one place or move around. Whatever you like.

The only limit will be based on available seats. If one service fills up before you get there, head off to the next one, or the next one. If you really, really, really want to attend a particular service, make sure you get there early enough. What a great scheme to make sure more people are rushing to TBA early on First Day Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. It could be an onslaught of daveners racing to get to shul but please, no pushing and shoving on La Cienega to get in first.

A teaser for the next News Flash:

Beiteinu at the Ionic. Rabbi Matt Shapiro will be leading it. We were hoping that Rabbi Lucas could lead HHD services both here and in New Jersey but he says he's good, but not that good. If you don't know Rabbi Shapiro, come to some Beiteinu services over the summer, and introduce yourself to him and get to know him. Or come to Shabbat Under the Stars on July 13th when we will officially welcome him to TBA. He is delightful.

And who will be filling Doc Ackerman's shoes?

That's the teaser. Stay tuned for the next News Flash. You won't be disappointed.

Joyful Flexibility!