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HHD News Flash #3

Everyone is so excited about No Assigned High Holiday Seats.

Ok, well maybe not everyone, but most everyone.

You can move around during the same service, assessing every possible vantage point. Want to be closer to the bimah during Musaf? No problem.

Toward the back during the President's scintillating speech? But of course.

If you have an extra seat or two next to you, wave to people to invite them to sit near you. No Tallitot saving a row of seats!

We know what you're thinking. "My spouse doesn't always want to get to shul as early as I do. Surely, I can save a seat for my spouse – can't I?"

Of course you can save one seat for a short period of time as certainly your spouse won't want you davening alone for more than 15 minutes or so.

And of course everyone around you will be understanding – that is until the service fills up and the seats are needed.

Here's the easiest solution: planning, planning, planning. Coordinate your arrival times with your spouse and whomever else so that during Prime Services Time there will be no empty seats. You know how happy that makes the rabbis.

Joyful Flexibility!