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HHD News Flash #2

This is Update #2. The services will be the same but everything will be different.

Sanctuary service? Of course, just not in the Sanctuary for obvious reasons. For 5779, we're going to be everywhere – in the Ballroom, in Adelson, and who knows where else.

Library Minyan in the Dorff Nelson Chapel? Of course, just with perhaps some new faces getting to experience the uniqueness of a Library Minyan HHD service.

Beiteinu at the Ionic? You betcha but with a different rabbi and cantor, and for sure some new faces there too.

Tired of sitting next to the same people year in and year out? Want to meet and daven with some new and exciting and dynamic people? You'll be able to because there will be no assigned seats – and no assigned Service! One General Admission Ticket gets you in where YOU want to go. You may end up breaking the fast with your new friends! If you must, must MUST have your assigned seats, the only requirements are that you have been a member for over 50 years and have attended daily evening minyan once a week for the last 10 years. OK...that's overstating it. Of course, we WILL do our best to make accommodations for those with special circumstances – reach out to our Executive Director Sheryl Goldman and she will take care of you.

More details to follow...Joyful Flexibility!