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Construction Begins May 1
Construction Begins May 1

As you are undoubtedly aware, our school and synagogue community is about to embark on a very exciting new chapter in our collective history as we begin our long-awaited construction project...

Dear Temple Beth Am/Pressman Academy Families,

As you are undoubtedly aware, our school and synagogue community is about to embark on a very exciting new chapter in our collective history as we begin our long-awaited construction project. The purpose of this message is to share with you a general sense of what to expect in and around our campus over the coming weeks. This will be the first of many communications as we enter construction.

Our sanctuary construction will begin on May 1. Shabbat services will continue in the Sanctuary through the month of April. Construction of our new sanctuary involves the placement of several large steel beams and other pieces inside the building using cranes and other heavy machinery; the plan is to complete the setting of these structural elements during the summer when school and camp are out of session and other synagogue functions are at a minimum. In order to be ready for these summer plans, we will commence the disassembly and demolition within the sanctuary and surrounding areas in early May. All functions currently taking place directly below the Sanctuary will be relocated. Classes in the Science Lab and Ostrow will be moved to a new trailer that is being installed in the parking lot beginning on Monday, April 23rd. Library classes and the YLE offices will be relocated to other parts of the campus for the last weeks of the school year.

Construction will continue through the fall and into 2019. Our school and synagogue staff, along with our facilities team, building committee, and security committee, are working closely with our contractor and owner's representative (Del Amo Construction and Freeman Group) to make sure that measures are taken to ensure the safety and security of our students and families during this exciting time. Specifically, you can expect:
  • Dust Exposure & Noise: Of course, there will be dust and noise along the way. We will be diligently addressing these challenges daily to minimize the impact to our campus and all its occupants. Please know that all work will be conducted in the safest ways possible and abiding by all state, local and OSHA guidelines.
  • Safe Paths of Travel: Part of the work will require temporary changes to the way we get from one place to another. When there are changes, they will always have proper and safe egress and we will always do our best to inform students, staff, families and community members so that you can best plan for such adjustments.
  • Security: Both Del Amo Construction and Freeman Group have extensive experience with school and synagogue construction and are experienced working in spaces with sensitive security concerns. All construction personnel will be wearing identifiable uniforms. Every construction worker will have a background check and will be fingerprinted. Construction workers and students will be kept apart. We are in consistent communication with the Centurion Group and all guards on site will be partnering with us to implement our security protocols on a daily basis.
  • Parking: Construction crews will have to use the upper parking lot during some of the construction period. In addition, we will be adding a trailer in the parking lot to serve as additional classroom space. We know that this will pose a further challenge to parking. When there are changes we will do our best to provide advance notice as the changes occur, and thank you in advance for your understanding.

You will hear from us periodically with more information regarding the School project and other updates as information becomes available. In the meantime, if you have questions, please feel free to email

Thank you for your patience and understanding during what will ultimately lead to an incredibly beautiful, warm and vibrant physical space for our community to strengthen and grow for decades to come.

Susan Hetsroni, President
Karen Fried, Education VP
Rabbi Adam Kligfeld
Dr. Erica Rothblum, Head of School