Meet and Welcome our Nahal Oz community

Tuesday, November 21 at 8:00 PM on Zoom

We are honored, and grateful, to Yael Raz who will share stories of surviving October 7 as part of the Nahal Oz community. She will share with us where the community is at now and how our adoption and partnership is helping them rehabilitate and find moments of joy amidst the terror and sorrow. 

When you register there will be a place for questions for Yael. Because we expect a large crowd, we might not be able to facilitate an informal time for Q&A, so please write your questions there. (The event will not be recorded or shared on the podcast) 

This is both an event for us to learn but also to welcome Nahal Oz into our family. Please be there! REGISTER HERE

Kibbutz Nahal Oz
Pioneering community along the Gaza border

Nahal Oz is only 0.75 miles from the Gaza border. Founded in 1953, with over 400 residents, the kibbutz is a small and close-knit agricultural pioneering community. The 120 families of Nahal Oz, 250 adults and 150 children, run a dairy farm, a chicken breeding farm, and crop-growing fields.

Facing unprecedented loss, trauma, and destruction

 On Saturday, October 7th, 2023, instead of waking up to the 70th anniversary celebration, hundreds of families woke up to thousands of Hamas terrorists that crossed the border and infiltrated into Israel. Nahal Oz is one of the communities the terrorists took over, brutally torturing, murdering, abducting, and massacring families who were hiding in 'safe rooms.’ Some were hiding for over 24 hours with no electricity or water, trying to defend themselves and their families.

After hours of intensive fighting, the horrors were revealed - about 23 members, ages 8-85, were either killed or abducted to Gaza, soldiers were killed and injured, other members were wounded, and all were deeply traumatized. Dozens of homes, land, and cars were damaged, the dairy farm burnt, the clinic bombed, and equipment stolen. All - community life, livelihood, and agriculture came to a complete halt.

Bio: My name is Yael Raz Lachyani, born and raise in Nahal Oz, and i had a bio to descibe me before October 7th. I have 3 kids, and for the last weeks i am the spokeswoman of Nahal Oz, but i am basiclly doing my best for my community and for my family, and there is a lot to do. In our meeting we will talk about the terror attack at October 7th, and about rebuilding Nahal Oz community this days.