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We are “adopting” Kibbutz Nahal Oz, among those decimated by the Hamas massacre on Oct. 7. There are several TBA connections to this particular kibbutz. It is no more needy or special than any others. And yet, it does need support and we have set a goal of raising, rapidly, $180K towards its recovery. We hope to raise much more than that. 


Send a Hanukkah Gift to a child of Nahal Oz

This Hanukkah we are asking you to buy a gift for a child currently displaced from their home of Nahal Oz. Below is a list of 158 children, ages 1-18, who lived through the horrors of October 7 and are currently living in community to rebuild their lives and families. This Hanukkah, let’s bring some extra light, and dedicate our blessings and joy to them! 

Here is how you can easily gift extra light to these kids this Hanukkah:

  1. Choose a child on this list and write your name and email next to their name (where it is indicated to do so) – you can choose more than one kid, especially if you have kids at home of different ages and they each wish to send a gift
  2. Buy a SMALL gift (we are sending a piece of luggage or two with these gifts, and many families are living in very tight quarters right now) that is age appropriate, does not require English to understand, and can be packed easily (some examples: card games, baby books/toys, coloring books, etc. – the flatter and lighter the better – please no gift cards)
  3. If you can buy a gift from an Israeli owned or supportive store, all the better! Steimatsky on Olympic is a great example! 
  4. Gift wrap the gift with a card attached tightly with the kids name on the front (as listed on the google doc) and a letter from your family to this child, and signed with your names and your email address if you feel comfortable doing so.
  5. Drop off the gift at Rabbi Schatz’s office BY DECEMBER 1st

Any questions? Please email Liora Rothchild at or Rabbi Schatz


JNF Breakfast for Israel
Tuesday, November 28

6:30 AM Registration
7:30-9:00 AM Breakfast & Program

Come together with community members and fellow Zionists for our annual Breakfast for Israel. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder and cast a light into the darkness to combat the recent atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists in Israel. Your presence and support send a strong message of solidarity with the land and people of Israel and demonstrates the fortitude of the Jewish Nation to the world.
Register Here, and indicate Table Captain: Bobby ring/Temple Beth Am


Earlier this week we inaugurated the TBA Call Center at the TBA Cafe in our lobby. Many of you have come in and made calls to Members of Congress to relay your gratitude and express your views. It is critical that we keep this effort up on a daily basis. Some have asked for ways of doing this from home, rather than from our campus. Below are two ways in which you can make calls from home:

1. Here is our call sheet with instructions and contact information for the President and a list of Members of Congress. For each, a small list of talking points is provided. Either scan the QR code from your mobile phone, or type in the phone number to connect with the respective office, and leave your message.

2. AIPAC's Congressional Call Center
AIPAC has put together an easy-to-use website to find the phone number of your Member of Congress, as well as others. Go to and start by entering your zip code and click "Find My Members". On the next page, under "Have an extra minute", click "List another member" to get contact information for additional Members of Congress you can call. 



This mailbox (located at Cafe TBA) is ready to receive your letters for soldiers serving in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The contents will be delivered on a rolling basis.
Anyone is welcome to contribute.

World Zionist Organization: MY HOME IS YOUR HOME

One of the most important and expensive challenges is finding housing for the residents of the communities surrounding Gaza and the North, who overnight became refugees in their country. The State of Israel has evacuated most of the residents to hotels, but this is a very expensive and unsuitable solution for a family for more than a few days.

Words from Our Rabbis

Israel at War: Rabbi Kligfeld's Remarks
Saturday, October 8, 2023
A reminder that much has unfolded since Rabbi Kligfeld gave these remarks. Please keep that in mind when you watch or listen.

HaTikvah Sheli
Saturday, October 14, 2023
Sermon by Rabbi Rebecca Schatz

Prayers & Music

Dimati - written by Distant Cousins
Recorded and filmed in Nashville, TN Written 10/9/23 Words from Tehillim, Psalms
Don't turn away
Don't leave me
Hear my prayer
Listen to my tears
Rescue me
Lift me up

Prayers for Israel
Written by the Board of Rabbis of Southern California

Israel Music Playlist

We Are All Connected: A Story Collection

This story collection is designed to deepen our connections with each other by sharing the stories of our loved ones currently in Israel.


Ways to Support Israel

Jewish Federation of LA Emergency Israel Campaign

Friends of the IDF

American Friends of Magen David Adom

United Hatzalah

JNF - Israel Resilience Campaign

Lone Soldier Center

Help the terror victims of Kibbutz Nir Oz


USCJ & Masorti with Jewish Federations of North America - Direct Aid

SPNI Emergency Campaign: Help provide safe housing for families evacuated from the Gaza area in SPNI's Field Schools

Click here to send a message to your Congress representative asking that they support Israel during this horrific emergency. Or Text the word Israel to 24722.