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The Kindergarten's Safta, Rita Shachar- Watcher of the Pond

Every September when the new Pressman kindergarteners come in, I'm in love again. It's an amazing unconditional love affair every year. They're my kinders!

It's almost like giving birth, because when you give birth, which I've done 3 times, you're instantly in love with this wonderful wonderful person that comes out. And then you have the rest of your life, more or less, to bond and mold and nurture and love them. And that's how I look at kindergarten. I get to have 9 months with them, more or less, to bond and to nurture and to hug them. And then they spread their wings; you've given them wings.

At the beginning they don't want to leave their parents, and then at the end they don't want to leave the pond. The transition is difficult. But we talk about how we love upgrades, and I'm always excited to see them on the playground, and see how they've grown over the years.

I say all the time that I have the best job in the world.. who wouldn't want to be in love every year?!