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TBA member, Yael Landa: "As a Director at Beit T'Shuvah, I Live for the Success Stories!!"

I love being an active participant in a person's transformation. People often come to the doors of Beit T'shuvah devastated with no hope, and it's wonderful to witness a 180 degree transition within only a few months. I've seen people who've started here as residents, and become employees and congregants, and get married and have kids. It's wonderful to see them thrive as they begin to wear all these different hats.

With loving to see success stories, our community also has to deal with the not so successful stories, where people are still struggling despite using our services. There are stories of people OD'ing, of people losing everything, and even dying. I've seen people repeatedly relapse, some even up to 10 times, and end up having to come back. It's pretty tough for the community to see and witness this. It's definitely hard for the staff, but you have to stay committed to your mission no matter what. At the end of the day, it's ultimately up to them and the decisions they make. We just have to guide them, wish for the best, and hope that they also want the best for themselves.

So how do I keep going with the mission without being discouraged?? In addition to self-care, learning from the residents, and working on myself, what also keeps me going are the success stories. I live for them! I love when they come back to celebrate their sobriety birthday, and get to share their story, inspire others, and help the next generation of those in recovery. It's so important that we keep alumni of the program connected to the community!

In addition to being a TBA community member, Yael Landa is the Director of the Right Action Gambling Treatment Program at Beit T'shuvah. She is currently on maternity leave with the very recent birth of her son! A huge Mazal Tov to the Landa family!

We hope you join TBA and BTS for our upcomming Selichot program!!