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Pressman Alum, Danny Fisk: If I could tell 8-year-old Danny any piece of advice

People come in and out of our lives for a reason. Whether it be for a minute, a season or a lifetime, it is important that we cherish the moments we have with them, as each one of them offers a special lesson or set of memories. If I could tell 8-year-old Danny any piece of advice I would tell him, as Ferris Buller says, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it, " so slow down and appreciate the moments with the people around you.

I have so many memories of growing up at Temple Beth Am, and they all involve my parents and some combination of my siblings. Whether it was running up and down the halls of Pressman Academy, causing some sort of trouble after hours while my mom was volunteering, or the way we seemed to hold court at the same seats for every service as people came to visit, gossip, and give holiday wishes. But my most ingrained memories came a little later when I was old enough to realize what being a part of the Temple Beth Am community truly meant. My siblings and I lost our parents way too young, and it was the wonderful relationships built at TBA through the years that really helped us through the process. As I listened to others share stories about their relationships with my parents, I realized that even the littlest things could impact someone's life. The simple act of smiling or saying good morning can create an imprint and relationship that is to be treasured.

I am beyond fortunate to have been able to learn these lessons, albeit at a young age, but it has taken me to an incredible place in my life that I know is a product of the hopes and dreams instilled in me by the memories and lessons taught by my grandparents and parents. Coming of age seems to be a process that really never ends. First feeling like an adult at 18 then realizing, even now, as I enjoy my early 30's, that my journey has been influenced by those around me. I think this sense of community and my cherished memories is why I created my own event planning company- Work The Room. It is important to me that everyone gets the chance to create special moments they can treasure forever. I believe in taking the time to celebrate life and all of the love, accomplishments, and people who supported us along the way.