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Neelie Genya Shore: "Pressman Made My Childhood So Special"

My parents sent me to a public school for kindergarten and first grade. At the time, this particular school was lacking in quality academics. My parents quickly realized that I needed a new school, not only to provide an excellent education, but also to help instill in me a love for my Jewish identity and for Israel. Second grade was the start to my adventures at Pressman Academy, which would last for seven amazing years!

As time progressed, I found a home at both Pressman and Temple Beth Am. The High Holidays brought me and my new friends together in a way that reminded us that life is much bigger than we could ever imagine. The school week was filled with learning about Jewish traditions and bringing out the creative and problem-solving strengths I never knew I had. My graduating class consisted of 15 students and everyone had a nick name, a special quirk and always felt loved my fellow classmates. Cliques didn't exist - we were a team of one.

To this day, I keep in touch with several of my Pressman classmates and even Ms. Tiger who was my third grade teacher. Bumping into classmates around LA is always exciting, comforting and quickly transports me to those amazing years that forged me into the person I am today. It has been 20 years since I started my history with Pressman Academy/TBA and the memories do not seem any more distant than yesterday. I am grateful for all of the teachers, rabbis, parents, friends and so many more who made my childhood so special.

Some of you may remember her as Neelie Milstein (daughter of Jaime and Shoshana Milstein). So where's Neelie today? She's the Regional Corporate Sales Manager for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, married to Neuriel Shore for 4.5 years, and lives in Pico Robertson.