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Jonah Bard's Origami Tzedakah Project

I decided to gather a thousand origami cranes for a friend of mine, a really sick friend living in Denver who is about my age. One thousand cranes is a Japanese symbol for healing and good luck, and I thought that would be good for my friend. I got origami paper and gave it to a lot of people and they sent it back. There are people from all over the world who did it. A friend from Israel, some people from Japan. I put it together and flew it to Denver and gave it to him. It was really meaningful to me because it gave me a chance to support my friend. I thought it was a really awesome way to support him because he could see that a lot of people wrote their names and where they were from on the cranes, so he could see how so many people wanted to encourage and support him. I think that was really cool.

I learned that a thousand origami cranes is a lot more than you think, but also I learned that I could do it, I mean if you think you can do it, if you have patience, and if you plan out your time a little bit, you can do pretty much anything. I also hope that I inspired other people to do things like this because I think that would be great. There were almost 100 people who made cranes for this project, and there were tons of extras, like 500 extras, and we put them all in a container, and they barely fit. When Koby looks at this project I want him to feel encouraged by all these people who are supporting him.

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