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Ida- Seeking Her Special Friend

I met with a very lovely congregant, Ida Messinger, who shared with me how her husband passed away 8 1/2 years ago, and how she's been searching for another companion. Finding such a man has not been easy for her, but she can't give up in locating that "special someone," since she knows her "beshert" is out there.

What popped into my mind as she spoke, was the idea of sharing her story through Humans of Beth Am, with the hopes that it could possibly help her to make a connection, and she gave me her blessing.

A bit about Ida...

"I am an upbeat and romantic 63 year old European woman, born in Budapest, Hungary, and am filled with vitality and curiosity. Yet I always strive to be a caring and compassionate friend. I consider myself to be an intelligent, well-read, attractive, and a kind, sensitive individual. I enjoy going to classical music concerts, the theater, opera, ballet and films. In general, I enjoy all cultural events. I also like to travel abroad, and I enjoy my photography, especially taking scenic photographs, when I travel.

I work as a paralegal, in the area of real estate appraisal. I have been doing this for 26 years now. Besides my BA in journalism, I have a paralegal certificate in litigation. In both of these programs, I am proud to say that I graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors.

I've been seeking a kind, compassionate and easy-going gentleman, who knows how to treat a lady. He should be a good listener and speaker. I would like him to be an educated, employed professional, or possibly retired. I would hope that he would enjoy going to the theater, films and restaurants on the weekends, and find pleasure in traveling. I like having doors opened for me, and I enjoy receiving flowers."