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David and Neftali Galdamez

L'Dor V'Dor- From Generation to Generation

My grandfather, Neftali Galdamez, is my role model because he's everything to me. He's my grandpa, my dad, my best friend and my therapist. I love him. He's always there, and wants the best for me. He's also my teacher. He used to teach me the simple things, like how to fix a leaking sink, or how to pass wrenches. As I got older, he would show me how to do it. He would grab my hand and tell me what position to turn the wrench, and to what degree. It just stuck with me.

I'm really excited to take over his position when he retires from the temple; it's going to mean a lot. He wants me to be better than him at what he does, but I don't see how I can do that because he knows everything. He tells me to just keep trying and to stay positive, and to tell myself that I want to be better than everyone else, including him.

Neftali started at TBA on 8/10/85, and will eventually pass the wrench to David.