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Arielle Elkoby

If you're looking for Arielle Elkoby, know that she's on the first floor of Pressman Academy in the office right behind the fish tank. Behind her desk, you'll find the office of ECC Director, Angie Bass. Although she's the Assistant to the ECC Director, she is basically the assistant to the whole 1st floor. She is a liaison to the parents, and is the person the kids (and sometimes even the teachers) go to when they have a boo boo, needs ice, is sick, etc.

10 years ago, Arielle moved to Los Angeles from Montreal, Canada. When you speak to her, you'll hear her accent is a mixture of French (her first language) and Hebrew (her husband is Israeli).

Finding a job at Temple Beth Am was the biggest fluke ever. She had just interviewed for a different job that she immediately knew wasn't the right fit. When she went to discard/unclick the job posting online, the ECC position at Pressman immediately popped up. She figured her resume was already done and it wouldn't hurt to apply. She got a call the next day for an interview with Angie, and was asked to start immediately.

But Arielle was concerned because her daughter was only four months old and she didn't have a nanny. It just so happened that her best friends former nanny of 6 years was available to help. Everything seemed to just fall into place!!

Arielle's favorite part to the job is the people. She had never really felt a part of a community when she moved to LA, but she's truly found a family at Pressman. It feels really great to Arielle to know that she can count on almost anybody if she needs something. Pressman is her home away from home.

Even though Arielle is often pulled in many directions, she still wants everyone to know that whether you're only 1-day-old or 101-years-old, her door is always open to help with anything (including putting band aid's on boo boos).

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