Campus Expansion Project

New Radiance. New Song. NEW SPACE.
Rejoicing in our new Sanctuary

Ganzberg Sanctuary

The design, meaning and interpretation of our sacred space
-Steve Rajninger, Architect

Upon entering the layered, concentric spaces of the Sanctuary, one is greeted with the warm embrace of wood-clad walls, a suspended wood-slat ceiling, and circles and alcoves of pews and linked chairs. Here, the curved walls, ceiling and seats of the Sanctuary are meant to hug and hold the congregation. If they could speak, they’d say, in a heimish tone, “barukh haba”.

As one moves through, reflects and davvens in the Sanctuary, one might also be struck by the quality of light in this sacred space — a distinct light that feels special, different from the light we appreciate every day. It shines through skylights arrayed around the perimeter of the room and in the center, washing walls with a gentle glow and casting whimsical strokes across wood, fabric, plaster and glass surfaces. The central skylight shapes an ever-changing pattern of light and shadow, recalling a billowing tallit slung over the shoulders before Shaharit or stretched above the congregation like a huppah in the wind. These gentle, dappled patterns and lines of light and glows give the space an ethereal and spiritual quality. Light does not just shine through a window or skylight: it becomes an occupant of, and participant in, the space. It has a presence, like The Shekhinah.

Ziering Family Field

Elbaz Family Foundation Gymnasium

Gil & Elyssa Elbaz and Dr. Erica Rothblum

Ribbon cutting by Marilyn Ziering with Dr. Erica Rothblum