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OneLA is TBA's community organizing project giving us an opportunity to work in a multi-faith space to improve the quality of life for all residents in Los Angeles.  OneLA is a coalition of churches, synagogues, unions, and non-profits throughout Los Angeles county and is affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), the nation’s oldest and largest leadership development and broad-based organizing network. Recently, we have been successful in helping ordinary families stay in their homes during the foreclosure crisis and get access to healthcare despite the complexities of the Affordable Care Act, all by knitting communities together through trusted institutions. 

News from OneLA: New Lead Organizer; Transportation Update; Public Education Initiative; Other Activities

1. New chief organizer--Sister Judy Donovan, an accomplished IAF leader with vision and creativity. She is replacing Tom Holler who is studying for the California bar exam.

2. Transportation--OneLA has been actively involved with Temple Leo Baeck organizing support for a new pubic transportation line paralleling the 405 Freeway, know as the 405 Corridor. This is a public transportation system that will go from LAX to the San Fernando Valley.The goal is to reduce traffic on the 405 and add to Los Angeles' public transportation infrastructure.  It would be the only North/South line. 

Our major initiative is to advocate to the MTA and other elected officials to ensure that funding for the 405 corridor is placed at the top of the project list. Due to NIMBYism (not in my backyard), this will be a tunnel rather than an over the freeway line, which makes it more costly. OneLA is actively attending public meetings, as well as meetings with local officials.

3. Education--- OneLA is working to ensure that public education remains available and fair for all. While not opposing or supporting charter schools, OneLA is advocating to LAUSD and other districts that charter schools have the legal obligations of public schools. Eli Broad and the Walton Foundation are financing an organization (Great Public Schools Now) whose goal is to take 50% of LAUSD students into charter schools. Unfortunately, many families who have children with disabilities are discouraged from attending charter schools because the cost of educating them is expensive, and they don't score as well on standardized testing, which is the charter's school recruiting tool. 

OneLA member organizations also encourage parents to have a voice in their child's education through Local Control Funding Formula planning. 

4.  Temple Beth Am OneLA core team is researching homelessness elimination as well as gun control initiatives. We are looking to develop plans around these and other concerns.

More about OneLA

DEFINITION: ONE LA is an organization composed of member organizations (Synagogues, Churches, Schools and Civic Groups). Indiviual memberships are not permitted. ONE LA is NOT a political organization in that it does not endorse political parties nor their agendas. ONE LA is an organization that tries to improve the quality of life for the residents of the City of Los Angeles, regardless of where they reside. ONE LA has members from diverse geographical areas of Los Angeles. There are member institutions from West Los Angeles, the Valley, South Los Angeles, Mid Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley.

MISSION: To improve the quality of life for ALL residents of greater Los Angeles. ONE LA selects issues that are important to its membership and focuses on impressing upon elected (and/or appointed) officials what changes the membership is interested in achieving.

ONE LA is an organization that relies on personal (one-on-one) relationships to develop the dialogue required to bring about change. ONE LA relies on getting members to know one another’s stories and build on the human connection level to help bring about change.

ONE LA plans and organizes what are called ACTIONS where many members of ONE LA invite elected officials to hear ONE LA’s united voice. Officials are presented issues important to ONE LA and are asked to publicly commit as to how they will address those issues. The power ONE LA has is a UNIFIED voice.

ONE LA is currently involved in improving traffic flows throughout LA (idea identified by Leo Baeck Temple), reduction of gun violence (idea identified by Temple Emanuel), improve health access to all residents of LA County (idea supported by many organizations).
Join us for one of our ACTIONS and see how powerful a small community of like minded individuals actually becomes in making a difference by improving the life of people in the City of Los Angeles.
For more information or to get involved, please contact:
Dianne Shershow – 323-951-4910
Paula Pearlman – 310-558-4808, or
Nancy Goldstone – 310-553-5001 

(Left)TBA Congregant Fran Grossman speaking about denial of claims.
(Right) California Leaders pictured left to right: California State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, Rabbi Laura Geller of Temple Emanuel, Director of LA County Health Services Dr. Mitchell Katz, Yvonne Mariajimenez, Deputy Director Neighborhood Legal Services and Assemblyman Mike Fuer.

Temple Beth Am 1039 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, California  Tel: 310-652-7353 Fax: 310-652-2384

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